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We Can Help You Build Your Cannabis Business 

Brand Development & Marketing Services

With the growing number of cannabis brands, it’s never been more important for cannabis companies to stand out from their competitors. Developing your cannabis brand strategy is a critical element of a successful business plan. Along with the usual brand identity elements, brand development and marketing strategies must be compliant with the cannabis-specific regulations in your area. A solid brand and marketing strategy is a key component of winning license applications.

With a well-branded company, consumers will be more likely to trust your brand and purchase your products over those of your competition. However, creating an effective brand can seem like an endless task that most cannabis entrepreneurs don’t have time for.

That’s where superbad inc.’s consulting services helps!

Start-Up Services

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more states will legalize marijuana for recreational and/or medicinal use. This will create even more business opportunities for entrepreneurs who can start a cannabis-based company and grow it into a thriving enterprise. That being said, you must wade through the legal requirements for starting a cannabis-based business, obtaining a facility, and hiring key personnel. All of these things can be costly (both financially and time-to-market) if not done right the first time.

With superbad inc., you get the advantage of our experience and expertise in starting up cannabis operations.

Multi-State & International Operations

Sooner or later, your growth plans may have you looking across state borders to new markets and new audiences. The good news is, if you’re already running a successful cannabis business in one state, you’ve learned a tremendous amount that can be applied in other markets.

The challenge for small cannabis businesses expanding into multiple states is that every market requires a specialized license application process, SOPs tailored for that state’s specific regulations, and independent cultivation and production operations.

The benefits of expanding into new states are very real. In addition to simply increasing your addressable market, you’re also significantly boosting the equity of your brand, leveraging economies of scale in non-production parts of the business, and making yourself even more attractive to potential acquirers.

But how do you take on the complex work of multi-state expansion while still keeping your existing business operating at the highest level? superbad inc. is here to help navigate the many challenges.


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